The Predictive Quality Management (PQM) solution provides Enterprise ‘value’ through the provision of the capability to ensure and manage the ‘quality’ of business operations for operational excellence.

We see the need for Operational ‘quality’ Management.

We recognize that the ‘quality’ of business operations will make or break any company. Every company needs to be profitable. No company can survive operational inefficiency.

Our Predictive Quality Management (PQM) solution is focused upon reducing operational inefficiencies to improve profit.

Operating Profit = OpRev – OpEx (Operational Expense from Operational Inefficiency)

Additionally, Mgmt-Ctrl, Inc. partners with those who are solely focused on OpRev.

We Have a Solution for Operational ‘quality’ Management.

Einstein’s Edict: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Our holistic PQM: Plan-Do-Check-Act model provides a focused and manageable approach to consistently enable, sustain, and improve the ‘quality’ of your business operations, profitably.

Plan the work. Do the work. Check the results of that work. Act to Improve operational constraint.

Everything is simple until you dive into the details, right? That is why our PQM solution is also defined, herein at, with information, coursework, and coaching, and various support resources that are available in the form of Fractional Leadership, Program Leadership and expertise in project execution.

A help signal, really?

Sadly, yes. Due to internal bias and established management paradigms, companies don’t readily recognize their need to ‘refresh’ their operating model until/unless the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) signals distress in regard to Operating Profit = OpRev OpEx. However, when this occurs, it is far too late to adequately address either OpRev or OpEx at that point in time. This often leads to measures of survival such as a significant reduction in workforce that have a significant impact upon ongoing operational capability. Such an action can cause a downward spiral and a long tough trek back to balanced operations of Operating Profit = OpRev OpEx.

  • Gross profit is total revenue minus the expenses directly related to the production of goods or the cost of goods sold (COGS).
  • Derived from gross profit, operating profit is the residual income after accounting for all costs.

Why wait?

Mgmt-Ctrl, Inc. provides services that enable your OpEx to be professionally managed, for sustained operational efficiency, to ensure the ongoing and sustained success of your business.

You can begin your operational ‘quality journey’ today, simply by taking the first step by recognizing that your business operations must be capable of delivering the products and/or services of the business in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Business capabilities are the activities an organization carries out, or need to be able to carry out, to conduct its business. For sake of simplicity, business capabilities are into two categories: 1) Core Capabilities, and 2) Support Capabilities. A business capability is therefore defined herein as an ability for a business to accomplish something as a result of its operational structure. A more formal definition is as follows: “A business capability is a particular ability or capacity that a business may possess or exchange to achieve a specific purpose or outcome.” [1]

Your OpEx ‘quality’ management journey begins with:

  • Aligning business processes and business capabilities
  • Streamlining business processes by defining them through ‘standard work’ documentation.
  • Enabling the effectiveness and efficiency of the direct labor workforce.
  • Rightsizing the ‘spans and layers’ associated with workforce management, indirect labor.
  • Utilizing Technology for:
    • for measurement, monitoring, reporting, and review of business process results.
    • for the automation of administrative tasks associated with process workflows.
  • Utilizing a Program Management Office (PMO) to manage ongoing improvement.

Again, everything is simple until you dive into the details. We are here to help. Our PQM solution is defined at with information, coursework, and coaching, and support resources.

You can choose how fast or slow you want to go. You can choose how much help you need.

We will be there for you at every step of the way and supporting you at the level of support that your organization needs. Regardless, this begins with you… Act now, time is of the essence!

No one has to change.  Survival is optional.”  – W. Edwards Deming


[1] A Business-Oriented Foundation for Service Orientation, Ulrich Homann, White Paper, February 2006, published by Microsoft, February 2006


Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”                                      - origin unknown

The ‘PQM butterfly’ represents the ability to go through important change with grace and lightness. The butterfly is symbolic of the power of profound transformation for expansion and growth, resultant from the structured and holistic approach to the management of ‘quality’.

Plan the Work

Do the Work

Check the Work

Act to Improve

Predictive Quality Management

Predictive Quality Management methods proactively address systemic ‘quality’ constraint associated with people, process, and technology. This most often results in a positive financial contribution to the ‘bottom-line’.

Traditional Quality Management

Traditional Quality Management methods are substantively reactive, managing ‘quality’ only after they have become fully emergent. This most often results in a negative financial contribution to the ‘bottom-line’.

Principle creator of PQM

Larry Mager is a principal and founder of Mgmt-Ctrl, Inc., a professional firm focused on novel and effective Quality 'quality' Management strategies within industry.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Parkside, Larry has enjoyed nearly forty years of working within the highly regulated life sciences industry, mainly in the Quality Management arena. Larry proudly holds innovative patents for currently marketed minimally invasive cardiovascular surgical devices that he developed early in his career, working within Silicon Valley Start-ups. His experience also includes holding Executive roles, with significant leadership responsibilities, within multisite and highly matrixed Fortune 500 medical device companies.

Larry’s passion for improving ‘quality’ within industry has led him to become a champion of Quality Management and performance improvement strategies. His primary goals, as a principal of Mgmt-Ctrl, Inc., are to provide relevant stakeholders with Quality Management solutions that have the capability to proactively reshape the very foundations upon which the science of ‘quality’ management is built upon within their organizations.