CHECK the Work

Enterprise Capability to Measure and Verify Operational Results

Each of the previous phases (PLAN and DO) have addressed the ‘quality’ of planned work and the ‘quality’ of the execution of that work. But how do we know everything is going as planned? What is the result?

Remembering that the aggregate operational cost of executing each of the business processes is essential to ensure the sustained profitability of the business… We must measure what it is that we want to manage.

We must measure the output of the business processes in terms of operational measures such as: 1) compliance/adherence to fulfilling requirements, 2) effectiveness in achieving the planned results, and 3) the operational efficiency of each business process. These business process measures can then be aggregated to provide business capability level measures as well as an Enterprise level measure. These measures provide insight into operational outcomes. Workforce readiness and allocation measures associated with each business process will provide additional insight confirming the capability for execution. How can results be obtained from business processes that were not adequately staffed? Additional KPIs can be developed as determined to be relevant for insight, understanding, and management.

Measurement Technology

A Data & Analytics strategy defines how an organization will collect, process, analyze, and deliver data and insights. This strategic plan will ensure that relevant data is transformed into information that can be used in support of crucial business decisions that will facilitate the ongoing capability of the organization to deliver the results that are necessary to support the fulfillment of the Mission of the Enterprise.

Datasets from multiple sources (datasets) must be transformed and organized into reliable data that can be curated within a centralized, self-service data hub such that the data can be strategically analyzed to provide business insights for business leaders who are responsible for the management of the ‘quality’ of the results they are accountable to deliver.

The capability to verify operational results utilizing a PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT model is necessary to predictably identify and improve business ‘quality’ constraint(s) to ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency, necessary to provide value to the Enterprise.

 You must be able to measure it if you want to manage it.