OpEx in Business Management

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The journey to operational excellence (OpEx) begins with addressing your responsibility to properly 1) establish the capability to provide the products and/or services provided to the market, and 2) with the capacity to ensure the level of market demand is satisfied:

  • Define (Plan) and document operational capabilities and the business processes that enable them. QMS, Quality Management System that defines process.
  • Execute (Do) the business processes that enable each of the operational capabilities to support the fulfillment of the mission Enterprise. QS, Quality System that enlivens the process, with people.

Your OpEx journey continues with your ability to holistically manage the operational capability and capacity of the business through control mechanisms that 3) establish the capability for operational accountability, through strategic and tactical identify systemic constraint, and  4) establish the capability to target and improve operational capability and capacity, tactically and systemically:

  • Verify (Check) the results that each of the operational business processes provide as an outcome, within the network of operational capabilities. QSM, Quality System Management.
  • Improve (Act) that which constrains the capacity of the business operations to meet the demand that is necessary to profitably satisfy the market opportunity. QM, Quality Management.

The pathway to enable such leadership capability resides within an operational Quality ‘quality’ management system that encompasses each of these elements.

The paper provided for download, entitled OpEx in Business Management, is for those who are interested and intent upon the professional pursuit of operational excellence within your business. This paper provides additional content to better understand just how the ecosystem of business capabilities and their enabling business processes must be properly built, executed, managed, and continually improved for sustainable results and operational scalability.